Celebrating Fatherhood

To celebrate fatherhood and the men that are special to us, we posted this question on twitter and facebook.

Father’s Day is Sunday. What one thing do you want to say to your dad?

Dad is around when I needed him most… #Daddysgirl

@rothee Dave
“Thanks!” For Everything. And then maybe “Sorry”. For everything. 🙂

I would say, “I miss you” “You were my hero”!

I would simply say thank you for being an extraordinary father. He was a great man & being his daughter was an honor.

Dad, when you run along side me & support me you make my life worthwhile. There is no other person in the world like you.
@chefandre My dad is 86.. I will tell him ” thank you for being the wonderful father you have been and for being there always, I love u dad”

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