Simply the Best…B.B.Q.

Every since man has begun to throw meat on the fire, his or her quest for the best lip smack’n, finger lick’n, b.b.q. has become an obsession.

Whether it’s baby back pork ribs, beef ribs, spare ribs, short ribs, St. Louis cut, b.b.q. chicken or pulled pork… there is no question that BBQ is truly an American tradition that we are very proud of.

They can be Kansas City style, savory South Carolina, Memphis style, smokey Texas style, or the family’s make you want to slap somebody backyard barbeque, everyone has their favorite!
In some places the debate over which is the best b.b.q can lead to an all out fist fight.

I guess its true, never discuss religion, politics or b.b.q. in the company of others… LOL

Our obsession has even spawned b.b.q ice cream, b.b.q spaghetti, b.b.q pizza and even b.b.q nachos.



Thanks to our twitter and facebook friends we have uncovered some of the best of the best but we know there are so many more to be tasted. Hit me up with your favorite rib joint, so that we add them to the list of America’s favorite.



In no particular order:


Rendezvous Ribs, Memphis, Tennessee

The Bar-B-Q Shop in Memphis, Tennessee

Cozy Corner, Memphis, Tennessee

Payne’s, Memphis, Tennessee

Cozy Corner, Memphis, Tennessee


Leon’s, Chicago, Illinois

17th Street Bar & Grill, Murphysboro, Illinois

Memphis Championship Barbecue
, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kreuz Market, Lockhart, Texas

Louie Mueller’s, Taylor, Texas

Ruby’s BBQ, Texas
Checkered Pig, Martinsville, Virginia

Whole Hog Cafe, Little Rock, Arkansas

McClard’s, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Skylight Inn, Ayden, North Carolina

The Pit, Raleigh, North Carolina

Po Pigs Bo-B-Q, Edisto Island, South Carolina


Everett and Jones, Oakland, California

Hitching Post, Casmalia, California

Big Jim’s Old South Barb-B-Q, San Diego, California

Robin’s Wood Fire B-B-Q & Grill, Pasadena, California

Texas West Bar-b-que, Sacramento, California
Harold’s, Atlanta, Georgia

Super Smokers, Eureka, Missouri

LC’s, Kansas City, Missouri


Blue Smoke, NYC, New York

Dallas BBQ, NYC, New York

Mara’s Homemade, NYC, New York

Virgil’s Barbecue, NYC, New York

Moonlite Bar-B-Q’s, Owensboro, Kentucky

Hole in the Wall BBQ, Eugene, Oregon

Big City BBQ, Arizona


KT’s Real Good BBQ, Colorado
Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
Their slogan says it all, “Put the South in yo’ Mouth!” Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is located in New York.


Ruby’s BBQ
Ruby’s BBQ serves Cajun and St. Louis style ribs, hot links, brisket, smoked chicken, and other delicious items. They are located in Texas.

KT’s Real Good BBQ
KT’s Real Good BBQ offers a variety of delicious smoked meats along with their signature Memphis and Texas style sauces. KT’s is located in Colorado.


Hole in the Wall BBQ
Hole in the wall serves up traditional style barbecued meats, sandwiches, chili, and St. Louis style pork ribs. They are located in Eugene, Oregon.


Big City BBQ
Big City BBQ serves traditional style smoked meats as well as smoked ham, burgers, steaks, and grilled fish. They also have a wide variety of side dishes such as black eyed peas, creamy cole slaw, and candied yams. Big City BBQ is located in Arizona.


Red Hot & Blue
Red Hot & Blue offers a variety of barbecue dishes. You have your choice of sweet, dry rubbed, or wet ribs, Memphis-style sandwiches, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, and other scrumptuous dishes.

Big Jim’s Old South Barb-B-Q
Big Jim’s Old South Barb-B-Q offers a wide array of beef and pork rib dishes. They also serve fish, fried chicken, burgers, sandwiches, and traditional sides. Big Jim’s is locates in San Diego, California.

Robin’s Wood Fire B-B-Q & Grill
Robin’s Wood Fire B-B-Q & Grill serves up traditional barbecue, accompanied by their specialty sauces. They are located in Pasadena. California.

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Lucille’s severs up tasty southern style barbecue ribs, catfish, burgers, and salads. They have among their desserts, traditional favorites
like bread pudding and peach cobbler. Sounds delicious to me! Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que is located in California.

Texas West Bar-b-que
Texas West Bar-b-que serves up a heaping helping of traditional barbecue and the “po boy” sandwich with chopped beef, chicken, or pork. They are located in Sacramento, California.


 Rib info:

Short ribs are the meaty ends of beef ribs from the rib, chuck or brisket section. Short ribs have lots of meat and are very flavorful.


Baby back ribs are number one choice for most people because they are tender and full of flavor and come from the loin area.


A full rack will generally have between eight to fourteen ribs.


Spareribs are from the pork’s underbelly, they are bigger, fatter and tougher than the baby back ribs.


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